For industry
Cooling systems
Refineries, desalination plants
Fire fighting lines, chemical

For marine
Ballast main liners and branch lines includine suction bell-mouth, bilge, cargo liners, inert gas, air & sounding, cooling systems in engine rooms and other

For hydroelectric
High and low pressare lines
Hydro power plants penstock
Sea water intake-discharge

For civil
Water ducts, sewage, irrigation

Tailor – made solutions
Gas converyance systems, flue gas ducts to scrubber, to cooling towers
Tanks, maxi tanks, silos and scrubbers

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Thermal and Hydro power plants

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Chemical & Petrolchemical Industries

Applicazioni per civile

Civil & Industrial water distribution

Applicazioni per marino

Irrigation and Sewage Systems (civil & industrial)

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Applicazione per industriale

Offshore platforms & Subaqueous lines